Watch the video of the border policemen's arrest at GP Božaj

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) released a video of the arrest

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) released a video of the arrest of border policemen Nikola Janičić, Zoran Radonjić, Igor Živković, Enver Drešaj, Momo Popivoda, Ivan Boljević, Vas Radunović and Dragoman Milošević.

They were arrested earlier today and are suspected of accepting bribes.

One of the arrested fell ill after his colleagues started to handcuff him, Minister of the Interior Danilo Šaranović announced at a press conference, answering questions from Vijesti.

That suspect was transported to the Clinical Center of Montenegro (KCCG).

Šaranović also explained at the press conference that seven people were arrested at their workplace at the Božaj border crossing, and one in Danilovgrad.

Saranović said that they have repeatedly emphasized that they are focused on the fight against organized crime and corruption, and that is why they launched a whole set of control mechanisms.

"A multi-month action was carried out this morning and the established facts pointed to the illegal behavior of eight police officers," Saranović said.

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