More money in the defense budget

Investment plan in accordance with NATO guidelines

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Dragan Krapović, Photo: BORIS PEJOVIC
Dragan Krapović, Photo: BORIS PEJOVIC
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In the following period, the government will develop a defense investment plan for the period 2025-2028, which will increase costs so that in the future two percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) represents the minimum allocation for defense needs.

This is stated in the draft of the Government's 2024-2027 medium-term work program, in which one of the main goals is to strengthen the Army, that is, as stated, "A strong Army - a strong Montenegro".

Allocations for defense from this year's budget amount to 2,01 percent of GDP (around 139 million euros), while already for the next year it is planned to be 2,03 percent.

As the Minister of Defense said earlier Dragan Krapović, allocations for defense include the budget of the Ministry of Defense (74,8 million), military pensions (about 15 million), capital budget (10,6 million), allocations for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the form of contributions (420 thousand), allocations for the Directorate for the Protection of Secrets data (700 thousand), loans (35,6 million)...

"With the defense investment plan for the period 2025-2028, Montenegro undertakes the obligation to gradually increase defense costs, in accordance with NATO guidelines, with the aim of creating conditions for the improvement and development of defense capabilities for national security needs and the fulfillment of obligations within the framework of full membership", stated is in the draft of the Government's medium-term work program.

The document states that the MOD will make a maximum contribution to the realization of the main foreign policy goal - full membership of Montenegro in the European Union, especially in the area of ​​the EU's common security and defense policy and the fulfillment of obligations from the accession negotiations.

As part of its contribution to NATO's deterrence and defense policy, the Army will continue to deploy as part of NATO's Rapid Reaction Force, within the Battle Group in Latvia as part of the NATO Enhanced Presence in the East (eFP), and as part of the Battle Group (FLF) ) in Bulgaria.

"In addition to collective defense, one of the key lines of action of NATO is participation in international missions with the aim of preserving peace and stability outside the borders of the allied territory, so the continuous contribution of the Army of Montenegro to NATO efforts in Kosovo and Iraq is planned in this direction, as well as the participation of the Army of Montenegro Up in the missions, operations and other activities of the UN and the EU," the document says.

As it is added, among other things, amendments to the Law on Defense are planned, which will improve the current law, "especially in the part related to the management of military air traffic, inspection supervision and internal control in the field of defense".

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