The mandate of the Municipal Assembly was shortened, the Government says in vain: Šavnik did not escape forced administration?

The mandate of the Parliament of Šavnica was shortened when the elections for October 2022 were announced, says a source of "Vijesti" from the executive branch. The leader of Šavnik, Jugoslav Jakić, says that it is a forced move, as a reaction to the "unconstitutional decision" on forced administration. Some of the ministers from the Democrats expressed their opinion during the voting for members of the board of trustees

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Disagreement on the election of trustees: from one of the previous sessions of the Government, Photo: Government of Montenegro
Disagreement on the election of trustees: from one of the previous sessions of the Government, Photo: Government of Montenegro
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The Municipal Assembly (SO) of Savnik cannot shorten its mandate because the local parliament's mandate expired when the elections for October 2022 were announced.

This is what a source from the Government told "Vijesti", commenting on the fact that Šavnik tried to avoid the introduction of forced administration yesterday by shortening the mandate of the local parliament.

Yesterday, the government dissolved the assemblies in Šavnik and Andrijevica and appointed committees of commissioners who will perform the function of the SO until the constitution of the new convocation of the parliament. However, last night, in an electronic session, the Parliament of Šavnica voted to shorten the mandate. The decision was made by councilors of the ruling coalition of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) and the Social Democrats (SD).

"Vijesti" was unofficially told by the government last night that this move cannot lead to the people of Šavnica managing the municipality instead of the board of commissioners, because the mandate of the SO expired, that is, it was shortened when the elections were announced for October 2022, which have not yet been completed. .

"According to the law, the decision that is first published in the Official Gazette comes into force," said the interlocutor from the Government, alluding to the decision from 2022.

The first man of Šavnik, Jugoslav Jakić, told "Vijesti" last night that the move of the SO was forced as a reaction "to the unconstitutional decision of the Government on the introduction of compulsory administration and the violent seizure of power".

The opinion singled out three ministers from the Democrats

"Vijesti" learned that yesterday the Government did not unanimously elect the committees of commissioners who will manage Šavnik and Andrijevica, because some of the ministers from the Democrats were against it, that is, they expressed their dissatisfaction with some of the proposed candidates.

According to the unofficial information of "Vijesti", the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Democrats Aleksa Bečić, the Minister of Defense Dragan Krapović and the Minister of Culture Tamara Vujović expressed their opinions.

According to the "Vijesti" source, they had objections that among the proposed candidates there were persons who were in the Ministry of Public Administration (MJU) during the government of DPS's Duško Marković, who "participated" in the illegal takeover of power in Budva in 2020. . They also had objections to the fact that among the proposed candidates are also persons who were already on the boards of commissioners during the previous governments, as well as several candidates who were presented as citizens and who are political representatives of one party, as well as persons who are not can determine whether they are citizens of Savnik or Andrijevica.

Another source of "Vijesti" said that the Democrats' ministers were in principle in favor of compulsory administration, but that they separated their opinion because, allegedly, they "didn't have their own people" in the committees.

Decisions on forced administrations in Šavnik and Andrijevica enter into force on the day of their publication in the Official Gazette. The president of the state calls for elections the day after the decision to dissolve the local parliament comes into force.

Minister of Public Administration Maraš Dukaj repeated at the press conference after the Government session that the goal of the Ministry of Local Government and the executive power is not to take over the work of municipalities.

Speaking about Andrijevica, Dukaj said that in that municipality they did not even try to implement what was defined by the decision on the warning. They were asked to make a strategic plan for the development of the Municipality and decisions on proposals for the dismissal of the President of the Municipality of Andrijevic Željko Ćulafić (SNP) and the President of the Municipal Assembly Mladen Đukić (Democrats).

According to "Vijesti" information, the government appointed to the board of commissioners for Andrijevica the representatives of the Ministry of Justice Nina Blažić and Senad Crnovršanina, the representative of the Ministry of Finance Bojan Paunović, the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development Ljilja Belada, the representative of the General Secretariat of the Government Ljubica Radović and the citizens of the Municipality of Andrijevica Milorad Mojašević and Dragan Pesic.

In the case of Mojašević and Pešić, as "Vijesti" learned, it was disputed by the Democrats that they were elected as citizens, and they are associated with the Europe Now Movement, as evidenced by photos on social networks.

The representative of MJU Crnovršanin is criticized because he was sent to Budva during the Duško Marković government in 2020, when the violent takeover of power happened, and Nina Blažić was on the board of commissioners in Budva of the 43rd Government, led by Nebojša Jušković.

Yesterday, Dukaj said at a press conference that the procedures in Šavnik were not completed in accordance with the law.

"The municipality has adopted a strategic plan since 2010 and they just extended it. That decision is not in accordance with the law," he emphasized.

Speaking about the part related to the Šavnica Municipal Election Commission (MEC), Dukaj said that they clearly warned that the MEC should make a decision on repeating the elections in two places, which they did not do.

"Those are the two key things on which we based ourselves and on the basis of which the Government made the decision on forced administration", said Dukaj.

The Šavnik board of trustees was elected representatives of the MJU Boban Jovović and Zlatko Gligorović, representative of the Ministry of Finance Dragan Darmanović, representative of the Ministry of Economic Development Milena Strugar, representative of the General Secretariat of the Government Gordana Pleskonjić and citizens of Šavnik Zdravko Tomić and Marko Tomašević.

Gligorović was in the Board of Commissioners in Budva of the 43rd Government headed by Jušković, while the current Acting Director General of the State Treasury Directorate in the Ministry of Finance, Dragan Darmanović, was also during the 41st Government of Duško Marković.

Zdravko Tomić was allegedly verbally replaced at the very session of the Government, considering that there were objections that he was proposed as a citizen of Šavnik, but in fact he is a member of GO PES and was a candidate on that party's electoral list.

Kovačević: The decision on Šavnik could be an unprecedented case

The program director of the Center for Democratic Transition (CDT), Milica Kovačević, announced yesterday that the decision to introduce forced administration in Savnik could create an unprecedented case, according to which the Government could dissolve the SO when they don't like their decisions.

Kovačević said that the Government's decision will probably be the subject of special analyses. This, as she stated, is justified because it is questionable whether the Assembly of the Municipality of Šavnik could have done something more, and in accordance with the law, than dissolving the MEC and forming a new one that would complete the election process.

She also questioned the fact that the election process "which will not end with the announcement of new elections" was started in Šavnik.

"Therefore, the question is whether we will have two parallel election processes in Šavnik, which would be contrary to all postulates of the rule of law," she stated.

DPS: Illegal move

The Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) announced that the Government's decision to introduce forced administration in Savnik, even though the Municipal Assembly fulfilled all that was requested, was illegal and politically motivated in order to satisfy the interests of Andrija Mandić and his New Serbian Democracy.

"And this decision showed that the parliamentary majority is managed by Andrija Mandić and not (Prime Minister) Milojko Spajić, and the Government shows day by day that it is only an instrument in his hands to achieve the party and nationalist goals of the Chetnik duke", announced the DPS .

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