During the prime minister's hour, Spajić will be asked about his uncle, staffing, resignation, Do Kwon...

The premiere hour is scheduled for Friday, April 5.

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Photo: Đorđe Cmiljanić/Government of Montenegro
Photo: Đorđe Cmiljanić/Government of Montenegro
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Prime Minister Milojko Spajić will be asked questions by members of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), the Citizens' Movement (GP) URA, the New Serbian Democracy (NSD), the Europe Now Movement (PES), and the Democratic People's Party (DNP). ), Social Democrats (SD), Bosniak Party (BS), Democratic Union of Albanians (DUA) and a special club of deputies.

The leader and head of the DPS parliamentary club Danijel Živković will ask Spajić if he will resign if the Administrative Court, based on the complaint of the Minister of Internal Affairs, confirms with a verdict that he acted illegally when appointing Aleksandar Radović to the position of Acting Director of the Police Administration. He will also ask him whether the Government and the parliamentary majority have agreed policies on which the acceleration of the integration process, the Euro-Atlantic orientation of foreign policy and credible membership in NATO depend, and whether he would be ready to propose the dismissal of those in the Government who deviate from the goals he proclaimed on at the beginning of the mandate.

Dritan Abazović, president and deputy of the URA GP, will ask the prime minister "what is the role of the uncle in personnel policy and decision-making in the Government of Montenegro?"

PES MP Miodrag Laković will ask the prime minister how he plans to protect Montenegrin society, the electoral system and democracy in the coming period from the subversive activities that "were witnessed during the Do Kwon affair".

The head of the deputies' club and SD MP Boris Mugoša will ask Spajić when and in what way his pre-election promise of full employment, ie an unemployment rate below four percent, will be fulfilled.

Deputy Damir Gutić will address the BS, who will ask the Prime Minister what Montenegro is basing its "ambitious agenda of construction of transport infrastructure in the coming period, bearing in mind the capacities of the budget, which this year plans capital investments of 7,1 percent, and similar projections for the next two years".

The leader and head of the DNP parliamentary group, Mila Knežević, will ask Spajić if there is a plan to sign an interstate agreement with Serbia on dual citizenship.

Member of the Special Club of Deputies, Jevrosima Pejović, will ask a former party colleague whether the Government is undertaking activities on the development of regulations governing the field of digital assets and what she perceives as the biggest challenges in this segment, given the need to ensure the monitoring and identification of crypto-assets, in order to prevent money laundering. money, financing of terrorism and other criminal acts.

The president of the NSD deputy club, Slaven Radunović, will ask the prime minister whether the government has a strategy for urgently solving the problem of traffic jams on the Montenegrin coast during the summer tourist season in the short term, until the big planned and already started infrastructure projects are solved.

Member of Parliament and President of DUA Mehmed Zenka, on behalf of his party's club and the Croatian Civic Initiative, will ask Spajić whether the municipalities will be able to manage their maritime resources during his mandate.

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