DPS members elect leaders of 21 municipal boards from among 36 candidates: In Zeta, four are running for head

Unlike the election for the first person of the DPS, where there was only one candidate, the process will be more interesting at the local office, because two, three or four candidates are fighting in nine committees. In committees where there are several competitors, voters will choose one of them, and where there is one, the vote is "for" or "against".

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From the meeting in Budva, Photo: DPS
From the meeting in Budva, Photo: DPS
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Thirty-six candidates will compete this week and next week for the positions of heads of twenty-one committees of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), in immediate "local" elections in that party.

This was confirmed by "Vijesti" from DPS, whose members will elect the leaders of the board on April 6, 7 and 13. This will continue the direct elections in that party, where the membership votes instead of delegates, which began at the end of January with the election of the party leadership (president and vice president).

The previous heads of the committees in which the elections will be held have resigned from those positions in anticipation of the vote.

Unlike the elections for the first man of DPS, where there was only one candidate - Danijel Zivkovic, the local process will be much more interesting because two, three or four competitors are fighting in nine committees. However, there is one candidate in the race in 12 party branches - mostly those who have led those committees until now. Among the candidates are current and former MPs, councilors, doctors...

The most candidates are competing for the position of Zeta board leader - four, three each in the race in Kotor, Rožaje, Ulcinj and Žabljak, and two each in Berane, Kolašin, Nikšić and Tivat. One candidate is applying for positions in Andrijevica, Bijelo Polje, Budva, Cetinje, Danilovgrad, Gusinje, Herceg Novi, Mojkovac, Pljevlja, Podgorica, Plužine and Tuzi.

In Zeta, they are fighting for the leading position in DPS Miroslav Boljević, Dragica Dobrović, Dusan Radonjic i Dragan Marović. Boljević is the head of the DPS committee in the Municipal Assembly (SO) of Zeta, Dobrović is a councilor in that parliament and former head nurse of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, Radonjić is a member of the Main Board (GO) of DPS and former president of the Golubovci City Municipality, and Marović a member of the Zeta DPS. He has led that committee so far Ratko Stijepović.

The candidates for the head of Kotor DPS are Biserka Milić, Sladjana Mijanovic i Neđeljko Moskov. According to the DPS, Milić is a tourism specialist by profession, she works at the tourist agency "Maestral tours" from Budva, Mijanović is a master of cultural tourism by profession and is employed in the Municipality of Kotor, and Moškov, the former head of the board, is an engineer. is computer science, employed at JU Resource Center for Hearing and Speech in Kotor.

They applied for the president of the Rožaj DPS Seniha Tahirović, Erman Jahović i Isljam Zejnelović. As written in her biography published on the DPS website, Tahirović is a member of the GO party and an English teacher at the "Mustafa Pećanin" Elementary School in Rožaj, Jahović is a master economist, and Zejnelović is a graduate in electrical engineering. He was a member of the Board of Directors of "Montekargo". He was the leader of the DPS in Rožaje Mehmed Husovic.

The candidates for the first man of DPS in Ulcinj are Driton Lunjic, former leader of the board and director of the Hipotekarna banka branch in Ulcinj, Aleksandar Dabović, former president of the Municipality of Ulcinj, and Arjan Ljamović, former head of the Department of Protection and Joint Affairs in the Municipality of Ulcinj and former director of JP Water Supply and Sewerage in that city.

In Žabljak, they face off in the DPS elections Mirjana Vuković, Marko Bozovic i Vidoje Tomčić. According to the DPS website, Vuković was a member of that party's councilor club in Žabljak, while Božović and Tomčić are current councilors in the local parliament. Tomčić was the president of SO Žabljak, and Božović was elected president of the Youth Council of DPS Žabljak in 2016. The first man of the board was Milorad Zarubica.

Lidija Kljajic i Miro Nedic are candidates for the leadership of the DPS board in Berane. Kljajić, a former member of the Montenegrin parliament, has led the committee until now. She is a member of the Presidency of the DPS Women's Association, and Nedic is a doctor at the Health Center in Berane.

They are in the race for the position of leader of the Kolasin DPS Bojan Kuburović i Vladan Bulatović. Kuborović was the vice-president of the Municipality of Kolašin, and Bulatović was a councilor and secretary for urban planning. She was at the head of the committee in Kolašin Marta Šćepanović.

Vladan Šturanović i Boris Muratovic I am competing for a leading position in the board in Nikšić. Šturanović is a member of the DPS board in that city and a member of the Youth Council, while Muratović is a member of the DPS Executive Board and the head of the councilor club led by that party in the local parliament. DPS Nikšić led Zoran Vukićević.

Muratovicphoto: Svetlana Mandić

The candidates for the head of the Tivat board are: Nebojša Kašcelan i Nikola Došljak. Kašćelan was the president of the DPS Youth Council in Tivat, and Došljak is a member of the DPS Executive Board in that city. She has been the president of the board until now Dubravka Nikčević.

The candidate for the head of the Podgorica board is a respected doctor and deputy of the DPS Nermin Abdić. He should succeed the current chairman of the board Časlav Vešović.

Abdićphoto: DPS

In the running for president of the Andrijevic board is his former boss Dejan Ivanovic, and for the leader of Bielopolska Elvir Zvrko, who was recently in the running for DPS vice president, but was not elected.

Milan Tičić, a former famous Montenegrin water polo player, is a candidate for the president of the Budva board, which he also led, while Oscar Hutter, a member of the DPS, in the race for the head of the Cetinje board, which he also headed.

Tičićphoto: Vuk Lajović

Huter was a museum guide at the National Museum, head of the Tourist Service of the National Museum, director of the Professional Service of the Tourist Organization of the capital...

Hooterphoto: Boris Pejović

Former director of the "House of Students and Students" in Podgorica Radoslav Musa Jovanović he is a candidate for the head of the DPS board in Danilovgrad, a member of the GO DPS Demir Bajrović he is a candidate for the chairman of the board in Gusinje, and a former member of the DPS in the parliament of Herzegnov Dejan Stojadinović is in the running for board leader in that city. Jovanović and Stojadinović were the leaders of the board in which they are now running for chiefs, while he was at the head of the Gusinja board Adel Damjanović.

In Mojkovac, the former president of that party branch and a member of the GO DPS applied for the top position in DPS Predrag Smolović, and she competed in Pljevlja Maja Rondović, a member of the GO Alliance of DPS women and former head of the cabinet of the former leader of Pljevlja Igor Golubović. He was the president of the Pljeval committee Dragisa Sokic.

The candidates for board leader in Plužine and Tuzi are also their recent leaders - Dragan Ružić i Mirza Pepić. Ružić led the DPS list in the elections in Plužine held in October 2022, and Pepić was a councilor in SO Tuza and worked in the Directorate of DPS.

There will be no "local" elections in the municipalities where DPS is in power - Bar, Petnjica, Plav and Šavnik, in which, as explained to "Vijesti" from DPS, they will be held at the regular time. The only exception is Bijelo Polje, where the elections were organized because, as told to "Vijesta", the former head of the board and one of the vice-presidents of the party Abaz Dizdarević overwhelmed with obligations.

Elections will be held on April 7 for committee presidents in the northern region, on April 13 for committee leaders in the southern region, and on April XNUMX for party leaders in the central region.

Voting will be done electronically, through the application, and also in the party headquarters. In committees where there are several candidates, the voters will choose one of them, and where there is one, they vote "for" or "against".

In the "local" elections, the DPS will elect only the leaders, who will then propose to the committees candidates for vice-presidents, party secretaries, etc.

Municipal conferences followed, then three congresses

As recently announced by the DPS, the right to run in "local" elections was granted to all those who have continuously been members of the party for the last three years, who reside in the territory of the municipality for which they are running, but also have the support of the membership. .

In Podgorica and Nikšić, candidates had to be supported by at least three percent of the members from those cities, and in Cetinje and in other municipalities at least five percent.

DPS general secretary Aleksandar Bogdanović said that the party expects a series of activities after the "local" elections, primarily municipal election conferences and congresses. DPS explained to "Vijesti" that the party congress, the Congress of the Youth Council and the Congress of the Women's Alliance will be held.

Direct elections were entered into the DPS Statute in January 2021, at the party's extraordinary congress.

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