Elected leaders of the DPS board in the central region: Abdić, Huter, Muratović...

Neđeljko Moškov was re-elected as the president of the DPS board in Kotor

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Photo: DPS
Photo: DPS
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The membership of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) today, in the local intra-party elections in the central region, elected new presidents of municipal committees in their areas.

Nermin Abdić was elected president of the Podgorica committee of DPS, and Oskar Huter was elected president of the Cetinje committee of that party. Boris Muratović heads the DPS board in Nikšić, Radoslav Jovanović in Danilovgrad, Dušan Radonjić in Zeta, and Mirza Pepić in Tuzi.

"In addition, and after the elections in the Municipal Board of DPS Kotor last Sunday ended with an identical number of votes for two candidates, according to the Rulebook, a repeat was held today in which Neđeljko Moškov won," the party reported.

They say that today's elections "took place in a peaceful and positive atmosphere, without any irregularities."

"Please note that the election day began at eight o'clock and lasted until tonight until twenty o'clock. Members and members of the party with the right to vote in their municipalities in the central region of our country elected presidents of local committees directly in the party's premises as well as through a specially created application platform. for that purpose," states the DPS.

With today's elections, and after the end of the elections in the northern and southern regions, the election cycle in the DPS, which began in January, when the membership of that party elected the highest party leadership, came to an end.

"We thank all the members of our party who by their participation and voting were part of the democratic changes and thus made a personal contribution to setting new standards on the political scene. We also thank all the participants in these elections and races who showed a high level of democratic capacity and unity of the Democratic Party of Socialists," the announcement concludes.

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