Nikolić: What does the President of the Parliament of Montenegro do at the exercises of the Serbian Army; Pejović: Ask him when he presides

The head of the DPS parliamentary club asked who Mandić was representing at those exercises

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Nikolić, Photo: Assembly/Youtube
Nikolić, Photo: Assembly/Youtube
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The head of the Deputies' Club of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Andrija Nikolić, asked at today's parliamentary session the Vice-President of the Parliament Boris Pejović (Europe Now Movement) what the President of the Parliament Andrija Mandić is doing at the exercises of the Serbian Army on the Pešter Plateau and who he represents there.

Nikolić noted that it is important for the Montenegrin public to know the answer to that question, especially in light of, as he said, the warning tones that could be heard last night at the rally in Banja Luka, DPS announced.

"Last night in Banja Luka there was a threat of secession of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and they announced some moves that could destabilize the region we live in, and in that sense it is particularly problematic what Mandic, as a member of the Council for Defense and Security of Montenegro, is doing on the military exercises of the Serbian army," he said. Nikolic.

Pejović did not have an answer to Nikolić's question.

"I have no information, nor can I give an answer then. I suggest that you ask that question when Mr. Mandic presides over the parliament and I believe you will get an answer," he said.

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