ZBCG: DPS action against SDT shows what role Katnić, Čađenović, the two Lazovićs and Milović played in OKG

"There are many dead in this indictment in order to relativize the role of Milivoj Katnić", announced the coalition "For the Future of Montenegro".

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Photo: For the future of Montenegro
Photo: For the future of Montenegro
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The coalition "For the future of Montenegro" announced that it "carefully observes and analyzes the political media campaign of DPS and 'Pobjeda'" in which, as they said, "they try to relativize the most terrible crimes committed on the territory of Montenegro and Serbia."

"At the same time, the image of Milivoj Katnić is unsuccessfully created as a harmless and benevolent pensioner who collected plants for the herbarium, even though he was the master of life and death in Montenegro for eight years in the position of GST. After all, the action of the leaders of the DPS these days is directed against SDT is the best indicator of what was the role of Milivoj Katnić, Saša Čađenović, Zoran Lazović, Petar Lazović, Ljub Milović in this OKG," the ZBCG press release states.

They said that it was not the coalition that sent Katnić to the Investigation Prison, but the judge for the investigation and the evidence provided by Europol, which "Katnić hid in order to protect members of the Lazović family from criminal responsibility."

"And that we are right, Milivoje Katnić himself confirms in a letter published yesterday in which he admits that he was aware of all the criminal activities of Petar Lazović, whom he claims had lost his identity and thought he was Eliot Ness. identity of Petar Lazović, and full understanding of the same, we have the deaths of: Igor Dedović, Stevan Stamatović, Alan Kožar, Damir Hadžić, Adis Spahić, Damir Hodžić, Milo Radulović Captain, Milan Ljepoja, Lazar Vukićević connection with other murders carried out by Belivuk's group in Serbia, but also with murders in Turkey and South America," say ZBCG.

Do we need to remind, as they state, that "many of those mentioned died the most terrible death", and then "ground in a meat grinder, or crucified and burned on car tires".

"There are many dead in this indictment in order to relativize the role of Milivoj Katnić, for whom in one of his correspondences with Peter Lazović, the same Radoje Zvicer says: 'Katnić is good, honor me.' To which Petar Lazović replies: 'He is honest and loyal. He is loyal 1/1.' Spilled blood cannot be returned with heartbreaking letters from prison, nor pressure on the prosecution and the court through the reactions of Danijelo Živković and the DPS committees to allow Katnic to defend himself from freedom," writes ZBCG.

They asked if this means that the DPS admits that Zoran Lazović is guilty, because they are not asking him to defend himself from freedom, even though he is the same age as Katnić.

"The ZBCG coalition also notes that the Judicial Council is still silent on Katnić's confession yesterday that Suzana Mugoša was the investigating judge on duty that day when he was questioned, he would not have been detained. This is another proof that this OKG has its own investigating judge who "recently accepted bail for Aleksandar Mijajlović to defend himself from freedom, and who should be summarily suspended for life from his judicial position due to false testimony before the Disciplinary Commission," the ZBCG coalition announced.

They said that that is why they have no qualms that Suzana Mugoša, "because of her close ties with Lazović and Katnić", should be the subject of the investigation, "because it was Zoran Lazović who helped her to bring her son, a member of the UP, back to Podgorica, since punishment due to contacts with criminal groups was suspended and assigned to Danilovgrad".

"There is too much evidence for this OKG to remain silent on the monstrous crimes of which they are suspected and which must be prosecuted, because Montenegro is eager for justice," the announcement concludes.

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