Đukanović: He is making a mistake if he does not recognize his handcuffs tomorrow in the handcuffs he rejoices over, on the hands of other people.

Đukanović stated that Montenegrin society is a "society of vigilantes"

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Đukanović, Photo: Printscreen/Youtube
Đukanović, Photo: Printscreen/Youtube
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In Montenegro, political revanchism is on the scene as a new page in the tradition of Montenegrin revenges, said former President of the State, Government and Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Milo Đukanović.

He pointed out that "the one who is doing what he is doing now does not realize that he has already started a new page of Montenegrin revenges".

"And he is making a big mistake if he does not recognize his handcuffs tomorrow, in those handcuffs he gloats over, on other people's hands," added Đukanović.

"We live in a highly poisoned atmosphere. An atmosphere that says that the massacre in Montenegro will continue. Why am I warning about this? Montenegrin society is a society of avengers. This is not characteristic only of Albanian communities, which are mainly associated with blood revenge. We need to remember that in the heart of Montenegro, in Katunska, blood feuds between certain old Montenegrin families have been going on for more than 200 years. Well, those who don't know that don't understand how dangerous it is when your only policy becomes revanchism after coming to power. Revanchism is just a political name for revenge. This means that there is no awareness of the need to draw a line under the Montenegrin practice of revenge," he stated in an interview for Antena M.

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