CPC: Synodal act passed, Bishop Boris deposed

He was thus returned to the order of the laity

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Boris, Photo: Screenshot/News
Boris, Photo: Screenshot/News

The Holy Synod of Bishops of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church (CPC) passed the Synodal Act yesterday, due to, as stated in the announcement, "recent events that rapidly attack the Montenegrin Orthodox Church with the aim of its demolition."

With this act, a decision was made to excommunicate Bishop Boris Bojović due to "schismatic and non-church activities", which resulted in his, as the CPC said, his non-canonical self-proclamation as metropolitan.

He was thus returned to the order of the laity.

In the announcement of the CPC, it is written that the Holy Synod of CPC consists of Archbishop Cetinje and Metropolitan Mihailo of Montenegro, Archbishop Simeon of Kotor and Primorski and Bishop Ostroško of Nikšić and Argentinian Gorazd.

The announcement adds that the Constitution of the CPC from 2022 is annulled, because it was not adopted in a valid procedure.

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