HRA: 84 NGOs and over 100 people supported the initiative for Montenegro to sponsor the Resolution on Remembrance of the Srebrenica Genocide

"Montenegrin non-governmental organizations have never united in such a large number to support an initiative," added the HRA spokesperson.

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Photo: HRA
Photo: HRA
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The initiative for Montenegro to sponsor the UN Resolution on the memorialization of the genocide in Srebrenica was supported by as many as 84 NGOs and over 100 prominent citizens, including numerous public figures who have been actively contributing to the general interest in Montenegro for decades, announced the non-governmental organization (NGO) Action for Human Rights (HRA).

Earlier, it was announced that several NGOs and individuals sent Prime Minister Milojko Spajić an initiative for Montenegro to sponsor the United Nations (UN) Resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica.

"Montenegrin non-governmental organizations have never united in such a large number to support an initiative. We demand that the Government include the issue of sponsorship of this UN resolution by Montenegro on the agenda of tomorrow's session," HRA said in a statement.

They emphasized that this morning the organizations that initially supported the initiative sent a new letter to Spajić with, as they stated, additional arguments that oblige Montenegro to sponsor the UN Resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica.

"We expect the government to decide to sponsor the resolution primarily for moral reasons and to express due regret for the fact that over 1995 civilians were shot in Srebrenica in a few days in July 8300, of which 600 were children, while Montenegro, in alliance with Serbia, then she helped the Army of Republika Srpska, whose members committed that genocide," the statement added.

In the letter sent by several NGOs to Spajić and delivered by HRA, it is stated that this issue was not raised from Montenegro.

"It is not any diversion, distraction or attempt to influence daily political issues. The initiative was launched at the international level, and the state of Montenegro, as an equal and full member of the United Nations, should make its full contribution for humanitarian reasons and because the building of peace an ongoing, not completed, obligation. We are very concerned about your Government's reluctance to deal with this issue. Montenegro should have been among the first to announce that by sponsoring this resolution on the international stage, it is ready to break with the warlike and criminal politics of the 1990s. and provide lasting peace to future generations," the letter reads.

They appealed to Spajić and the Government of Montenegro, "make us proud citizens."

The initiative was signed by:

Jovana Marović, Advisory Group "Balkans in Europe" (BiEPAG) Dina Bajramspahić, civil activist Tea Gorjanc Prelević, Action for Human Rights Daliborka Uljarević, Center for Civic Education Ljupka Kovačević, Center for Women's and Peace Education ANIMA Maja Raičević, Center for Women's Rights Milka Tadić Mijović, Center for Investigative Journalism of Montenegro Milica Kovačević, Center for Democratic Transition Zorana Marković, Center for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations Velija Murić, Montenegrin Committee of Lawyers for Human Rights Olivera Nikolić, Media Institute Ivana Vujović, Juventas Aida Perović, Prima Jovan Ulićević , Spektra Demir Ličina, "Strpci - Against Forgetting" Association.

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