Black and blue Milan: Inter chased away the "devils" from "San Siro" and secured the 20th Scudetto over their biggest rival

The Nerazzurri defeated the Rossoneri and won the Italian championship

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Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters
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Inter's perfect season in Serie A received the most beautiful possible epilogue, the epilogue that one side hoped for, and that the other side of the City of Fashion feared.

The crown has been placed, the "black and blue" have won the 20th Scudetto in the club's history in a direct duel with their biggest rival - they defeated Milan in front of 70 of its fans at "San Siro" 2:1, so with five rounds before the end they have as many as 17 points more .

Milan did everything to postpone the celebration of the hated opponent for at least a few days, but could not avoid the sixth defeat in a row in duels with Inter, who once again showed that they are a class better team...

Franćesko Aćerbi scored in the 18th minute brought advantage to Inter, which at the beginning of the second half doubled by Markus Tiram.

Everything was clear then, although Milan stayed in the game until the end and reduced it via Fikaj Tomori ten minutes before the end. Even that goal did not affect that a good part of the home fans stayed in the stands at the finish, because they all knew what was coming next and did not want to attend the "black and blue" party.

That's why Teo Hernandez lost his temper and attacked Denzef Dumfries (both are excluded), then i Davide Calabrija received a red card for elbowing Davide Fratezi in the head...

Inter Milan
photo: Reuters

None of that was enough, Inter kept the lead and the big celebration could begin - the City of Fashion is colored black and blue this year!

Earlier today, Bologna defeated Roma 3:1 in Rome and took a big step towards a historic placement in the Champions League.

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