The end of dreams about Paris: "Lions" lost to Slovenia and remained without a place in the Olympic Games

Montenegro lost 30:26

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Tatjana Brnović at the match, Photo: IHF
Tatjana Brnović at the match, Photo: IHF
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17: 32h

Dreams of going to Paris will not come true - the Montenegrin women's handball team was defeated today by Slovenia in Ulm (30:26) in the last round of the qualification tournament and missed the opportunity to qualify for the Olympic Games for the fourth time in a row.

"Lionesses" failed again in the attack, which did not work in this tournament. Often today the attack was hasty, the actions were finished quickly, so the great game of Armel Atingre, who excelled in goal and had 17 saves, fell into the background.

Slovenia led from the beginning of the game, Montenegro struggled in attack and scored the first goal from the game only in the 12th minute when Dijana Mugoša was accurate from the wing position for 5:4.

photo: Sofascore

After Mugoša's goal, Slovenia scored three goals and went to plus four for the first time (8:4), and after Ana Gros' goal it was 9:5.

By the end of the first half, Montenegro managed to reduce the score to minus one (11:10) through Matea Pletikosić, but Dragan Adžić's team repelled that rush and went to the locker room with a three-goal advantage - 14:11.

In the second half, the "lionesses" came close to a two-goal deficit on two occasions - the last time was after Pletikosić's goal, when the scoreboard read 17:15 for Slovenia. Then Adžić's team went to plus five (20:15), and by the end had a seven-goal advantage - 25:18.

Dijana Mugoša was the most effective with seven goals. Matea Pletikosić had six goals, and Itana Grbić five.

With Slovenia, Ana Gros and Tjaša Stanko hit the net seven times each.

Change: 18:11 p.m
17: 32h

Goal by Itana Grbić - 25:28.

17: 27h

Varagić scores in 24:28.

17: 26h

Mugoša and Brnović reduced the score - 24:27.

17: 20h

Goal by Tatjana Brnović - 21:25.

17: 18h

Smanuje Tanja Ivanovic - 20:25.

17: 17h

Goal by Matea Pletikosić - 19:25.

17: 16h

Third goal in a row Stanko - 18:25.

17: 14h

Six differences for Slovenia, another goal Stanko - 18:24.

17: 12h

Hit by Stanko - 18:23.

17: 12h

Mugoša reduced, Klikovac sent off - 18:22.

17: 10h

Pandžić stops Bobana Klikovac, then Varagić hits from the wing - 17:22.

17: 09h

Gross returns a four-goal advantage from nine meters - 17:21.

17: 09h

Quick goal by Jelena Despotović - 17:20.

17: 08h

Reduces Itana Grbić - 16:20.

17: 06h

Slovenian women have a five-goal lead for the first time - 20:15.

17: 05h

Slovenia again has a four-goal advantage, Stanko scored - 15:19.

17: 04h

Pandžić also stops Jelena Despotović.

17: 03h

Pletikosić didn't make the seven-pointer, Pandžić made the save.

17: 02h

Ana Gros hits in 15:18.

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