Šapić: The Presidency of SNS decided to go to new Belgrade elections

"We made a decision to our detriment, but we are not afraid," said Šapić

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The Presidency of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has decided to go to new elections in Belgrade and they will start campaigning already tomorrow - announced the President of the Provisional Authority of the City, Aleksandar Šapić.

"We have raised the bar (of legitimacy). We have made a decision to our detriment, but we are not afraid," Šapić said after the session of the SNS Presidency, stating that tomorrow, on Sunday, they will have their first pre-election meeting.

He announced that they will go to the elections in "the widest possible front, in a large movement" of all those who believe that "a policy of progress for Belgrade was being pursued".

Šapić said that the upcoming local elections in Serbia and the new elections in Belgrade are extremely important and concern the "survival of our entire society".

He stated that the opposition and the SNS coalition "Serbia must not stop" have two completely different approaches to politics, the economy, the people - everything.

"Since the introduction of multi-party systems, there have been no more important elections than these. Although we are talking about local elections, this time the main topic will not be infrastructure and infrastructure projects, but it will be decided in which direction Serbia will go," Šapić pointed out.

He said "it is literally a referendum election" because "the choice is between those who defend Serbia and those who are ready to solve the most important national issues in one minute".

Šapić said that the representatives of the SNS coalition "Serbia must not stand still" will go to consultations with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, on Monday regarding the election of the new government.

"We will inform him that we have the majority to form the government and that he can give us a mandate to start the implementation" - Šapić concluded.

Veselinović: New elections in Belgrade are a victory, the fight for conditions is ahead

Dobrica Veselinović, the holder of the Belgrade list of the "Serbia against violence" coalition, assessed the repeat of the elections for the city government in Belgrade announced today as a victory and underlined that the fight for better election conditions is ahead.

"Repealing the elections in Belgrade is a victory for the controllers, the citizens who filmed and took pictures of fraud, observers, civil society, members of the republican and city election commissions, as well as the entire opposition," Veselinović announced on the X social network.

He stated that "the next step is: a joint struggle to improve the electoral conditions".

Grbović: The elections should be held as soon as possible in order to implement the recommendations

The President of the Movement of Free Citizens, a member of the Serbian Parliament, Pavle Grbović, said today that the announced re-elections for the Belgrade city government should be held as late as possible in order to implement the recommendations from the Final Report of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) on the December elections in Serbia.

"The new elections in Belgrade represent the official recognition of the Serbian Progressive Party that the elections on December 17 were stolen. The new elections must be held at the latest by law in order to implement all the recommendations of the ODIHR, primarily those related to the arrangement of the voter list." , said Grbović in a written statement.

He stated that he expects the active involvement of the institutions of the European Union (EU) to ensure that the next elections will not be held under the same conditions as the previous ones and that "potential new machinations of the regime would be prevented".

The repeat of the elections in Belgrade is "the merit of all citizens, civil society organizations, representatives in local and republican election commissions and opposition colleagues who fought for the truth for months and whose sacrifice will ensure that for the first time we have even remotely fair and free elections and never again in Belgrade, but also in many other cities and municipalities, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and other radicals will not be in power," Grbović pointed out.

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