BLOG Israel claims that 12 freed hostages have arrived in Egypt from Gaza

The war between Israel and Hamas - 53st day

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Hostages released by Hamas, Photo: Reuters
Hostages released by Hamas, Photo: Reuters
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The Israeli army announced this evening that 12 hostages freed from the Gaza Strip by the Palestinian Hamas have arrived in Egypt.

The army announced that they were 10 Israelis and two foreigners.

Hamas released nine women and a 17-year-old boy this evening, the Israeli army announced.

The hostages will first go to hospitals in Israel, where they will meet their relatives.

About 30 Palestinians are expected to be released from Israeli prisons as part of an agreement negotiated by Qatar, Egypt and the US.

The original four-day ceasefire, which expired yesterday, was extended by two days.

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Jordan's King Abdullah said that Israel's military campaigns in Gaza and military operations in the West Bank "deny human values ​​and the right to life," reports Reuters.

In statements broadcast by state media, the monarch, who again called for an end to the war, said that Israel's siege of the enclave, which for weeks prevented the entry of medicine, food and fuel and cut off the electricity supply, constituted war crimes.

"These are war crimes... we cannot remain silent," said the monarch.

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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres today that Israel must answer to international courts for the war crimes it committed in Gaza, the Turkish presidency announced, Reuters reports.

In a phone call ahead of a UN Security Council meeting on Gaza scheduled for Wednesday, Erdogan told Guterres that "Israel continues to shamelessly trample international law, the laws of war and international humanitarian law in the face of the international community." his office said.

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Palestinian Hamas will today release ten Israeli hostages from the Gaza Strip in exchange for 30 Palestinian prisoners, announced a source close to the Islamic extremist organization after the extension of the truce for the next two days.

Foreign workers will also be exempted, the same source announced.

The extension of the truce until Thursday at 7.00:20 a.m. will allow for the exchange of 60 hostages for XNUMX Paletine prisoners, compared to one hostage for three prisoners, as in the previous four days.

However, the situation is still sensitive and a journalist from France Press saw in the capital of Gaza how the soldiers fired three tank shells at dozens of civilians who were trying to return to the neighborhood of Sheikh Radwan. The journalist saw that at least one person was wounded.

The army claims that the soldiers were approached by suspicious persons and that a tank opened fire as a warning, but Hamas has labeled the incident as a ceasefire violation.

The truce extension will allow additional humanitarian aid to be delivered to the Gaza Strip, which has been under siege and bombarded by the Israeli military for seven weeks in response to Hamas attacks on southern Israel on October 7.

Thanks to the initial ceasefire agreement, brokered by Qatar, with the support of the US and Egypt, 50 Israeli hostages kidnapped on the first day of the war have so far been freed in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners.

19 foreign hostages, mostly Thais, who live in Israel outside the aforementioned agreement, were also released.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under strong pressure from the public, traumatized by the Hamas attack, which demands the return of all hostages.


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The directors of Israel's Mossad and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are meeting Qatar's prime minister in Doha to "upgrade progress" on a 48-hour extension of the ceasefire announced between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, a source familiar with the visit said, according to Reuters.

Egyptian officials were also present, the source said, adding that the Doha meeting would also be the subject of the next phase of a potential agreement.

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An Israeli shell fell this morning near the southern Lebanese city of Aita al-Shab, according to the Lebanese state news agency, a few hours after the truce between Israel and Hamas was extended, as reported by Reuters.

The truce did not formally include Lebanon, but weeks of cross-border shelling between Israel and the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah, an ally of Hamas, ended when the truce first took effect last Friday.

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Qatar's foreign ministry says the country cannot confirm the number of hostages remaining beyond the 20 who will be released on Tuesday and Wednesday, Reuters reports.

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"The US is asking Israel to limit the displacement of civilians in South Gaza," senior US officials said, according to Reuters.

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The World Health Organization has said that more people will die from disease in Gaza than from the bombing if we cannot fix the health system.

"The degradation of Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza is a 'tragedy', but we want its functions to be restored. We are very concerned about the detained hospital staff in Gaza, their neutrality should be respected.

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UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (Guterres) repeated today his call for a long-term ceasefire and the release of all hostages held by Palestinian extremists in Gaza.

In a statement published before the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Guterres assessed that the Palestinians are suffering "one of the darkest chapters" in their history.

Guterres again condemned the attacks by Hamas on Israel on October 7, which triggered the fifth and deadliest war in Gaza, but added that it "cannot justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people".

He called for a "long-term humanitarian ceasefire, unrestricted access to life-saving aid, release of all hostages, protection of civilians and an end to violations of international humanitarian law."

Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Hamas, ruling Gaza, have agreed to extend a temporary truce for two days starting this morning and plan to exchange hostages held by the extremists and Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Israeli leaders, however, have threatened to continue the war to destroy Hamas once the release of hostages stops.


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Hamas said it had sought a new truce deal with Israel, under which the Palestinian militant group would release more hostages, after the women and children it had already freed from the Gaza Strip.

Hamas official Khalil al-Haya's remarks late on Monday came as Israel expanded a list of Palestinian detainees it could release in exchange for hostages - another signal it is considering a review of the terms of the ceasefire, Reuters reports.

"We hope that the occupation (Israel) will abide by (the agreement) in the next two days, because we are looking for a new agreement, in addition to women and children, with which we can replace the other categories that we have," Al Haja told Al Jazeera.

This, he said, would entail "going to an additional period of time to continue the exchange of people at this stage."

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The Israeli government has received a list of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza who are expected to be freed on Tuesday under an extended ceasefire agreement with the militant group, Israel's military radio reported, citing the Israeli prime minister's office.

Akios news site reported that the list contained 10 hostages. There was no comment from the Prime Minister's office, reports Reuters.

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Israel has approved the addition of 50 female Palestinian prisoners to a list of prisoners slated for release if additional Israeli hostages are released from Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said on Tuesday, Reuters reports.

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The war between Israel and Hamas - Day 53.

Israel has not officially confirmed that the truce with Hamas will be extended for another two days, although officials from Qatar, the United States and the United Nations have welcomed the decision to extend the truce.

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