Australia: Six killed in mall, suspect shot

Hundreds of people were evacuated from a shopping center in Sydney after the incident

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Photo: Screenshot/9NewsSydney
Photo: Screenshot/9NewsSydney
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A man has been shot dead in a shopping center in Sydney after stabbing several people.

The unidentified man killed six people before he was shot. According to the Guardian, the victims include a mother and a baby

Reuters reports that hundreds of people were evacuated from the mall after the incident.

State broadcaster ABC reported that some people were trapped inside. Two witnesses told Reuters they heard gunshots.

"Even 20 minutes after people left the mall, I saw special forces cleaning the surrounding streets," said one of the witnesses.

One witness said they saw a woman lying on the ground and took refuge in a jewelry store. The NSW State Police said the police operation was ongoing, but did not provide further details.

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