Since the promises about salary increases and the Europe Now 2 program were the most attractive, it is expected that, on the occasion of these one hundred days of the government, the most talk is about that segment...

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Photo: Boris Pejović
Photo: Boris Pejović

After last Saturday we discussed one hundred years (of one man), today the focus is on - one hundred days of one government/one man. It must be called in the economic vocabulary - devaluation... of Time, or whatever.

A lot of it seems chaotic, but how skilled are we at evaluating such things? From what experience do we do this? After five decades of classic, then three more cynical one-partyism? A scarce fund of political experience can be a problem for a community, especially if it is not aware of it.

Our ideas about the state are mostly personal visions and wishes, far from any reality check. That's why we're all so full of quick and easy solutions... Which actually fall into the genre of How Little Perica Sees This or That.

Therefore, we are far from any implied agreement, in the end, we did not have the opportunity to see real buildings in the political sense, we were condemned to Potemkin villages. Maybe that's still our address today?

Since the promises about salary increases and the Europe Now 2 program were the most attractive, it is expected that, on the occasion of these one hundred days of the government, the most talk is about that segment...

It turns out that the program with the nice name is actually some kind of apparition, or ghost. No one has seen him, but everyone is somehow sure that he exists. The nature of that spirit is not certain either - some see him as an angel, and others as a vampire who will suck the precious PIO blood.

I have to admit that whenever I hear the name Europe Now 2, I think of a great book and a great writer. At the end of the last century, in 1998, the writer from Novi Sad and the good spirit of Yugoslav literary avant-garde, unsurpassedly imaginative Vojislav Despotov he published the short novel "Europe No. 2".

In the shortest possible time - in the twilight of the twentieth century, a character from Serbia runs away from political events, but not to the West, where they usually went, but to the East, on a crazy quest. He is looking for - not knowing if it is a myth or reality - the famous Europe number two. In the era of the Gulag, the story goes, Soviet prisoners in the endless expanses of Siberia made the whole of Europe in a one-to-one ratio. When they were building Rome, they first built seven hills, then broke the trough for the Tiber... And so on. Down to the smallest geographical detail. Like that Austrian relief on Cetinje, if only it were as big as the whole of Montenegro. Such a scope gave the master space for great observations about Europe and Russia, a dark image of "war" that never ends, and the testimony of that obsession is a model of the continent, actually a copy of it in the wasteland of the Eurasian steppe. After the collapse of communism, this Siberian Europe remained forgotten and abandoned, as a trace of a megalomaniac fiction.

Will Montenegrin Europe number 2 also end up forgotten and abandoned, as a trace of a (pre-election) fiction?

I'm a bad prophet in these matters, so I won't go into it, but it will be interesting to follow the fate of a narrative. If things don't go as they say, will we attend a festival of accusations of obstruction and diversion... Maybe we'll all learn something. About politics and elections. Even that would be a win.

Looking back on these hundred days, I see two moments that seem important to me, even though they are less attractive than Europe now 2.

Namely, the current government demonstrates an attitude towards the media similar to the manners of the DPS in full force and power. Whatever they think about it, they do not belong to "edit" the media.

The attitude towards culture is similar. Everything is nice and polite (congratulations, condolences, anniversaries), but if only there were no ripples. No essential question has been opened, no important story has been started.

The personnel orgy of distilled dilettantism continues. The being of culture was put to sleep, pacified, either by stupid stories, or by cheap privileges.

By the way, Despotov's hero found Europe number 2.

This one of ours will probably be harder to find than the one in Siberia.

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