Anđušić: What will happen to the money of citizens who have invested in the PIO Fund for decades

"Will that money be returned to the citizens," asked the DPS deputy

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Anđušić, Photo: DPS
Anđušić, Photo: DPS
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Deputy of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Mihailo Andušić asked the Minister of Finance Novica Vuković to clarify the details regarding the planned reform of the pension system.

"Yesterday, for the first time, from the most invited minister in the government, we heard unofficial details about the implementation of the 'Europe Now 2' program. Due to all this and the impossibility of the general public and the opposition getting a single answer for months, I invite the respected minister to clarify the positions expressed more precisely: yes will we have a reduction or abolition of pension contributions? What will happen to the funds of citizens who have invested in this fund for decades? Are you aware of how these decisions are made in serious countries? , Anđušić wrote on the social network Iks.

"Dear Minister, these are only a few of the dozens of urgent questions that the concerned public would have to ask you. I hope that, as a proven professional, you will at least not allow yourself to deny us the answers to the same, most logical, at least on the parent committee for the economy ", he concluded.

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