Abdić: 400 citizens are waiting for orthopedic surgery

The MP from DPS says that the waiting list is 10 times larger than in 2020 and suggested that they solve it like their colleagues from Niš, without a cent of compensation

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Abdić at today's Assembly session, Photo: Printscreen/Youtube
Abdić at today's Assembly session, Photo: Printscreen/Youtube
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The deputy of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Nermin Abdić said today in the Parliament that patients wait two to three years for hip and knee surgeries and that there are currently about 400 citizens on the list of the Orthopedic Clinic.

He assessed that the waiting list is non-transparent and that today there are ten times more patients than in 2020, when forty patients were waiting for orthopedic surgery, proposing to the Minister of Health to provide working conditions in Kotor and Berane so that in clinical and hospital centers the aforementioned operations could be carried out in those municipalities.

"We have one operating theater in orthopedics at the Clinical Center where all operations are performed, from tumors to trauma... I am ready without a cent of compensation with my colleagues to solve the waiting lists as our colleagues in Niš did," said Abdić.

He asked the Minister of Health, Vojislav Šimun, what he had done to deal with the pressing problem of long waiting lists and when we can expect a significant reduction in those lists.

Šimun said that this is a pressing problem, but also that for the past five to six years, Montenegro has been in the top 10 in Europe in terms of the number of consultations - from 7.3 to 8.5 consultations per capita. He pointed out that the doctor is available, but it is not adequately allocated and that very often it is about frequent, unnecessary controls and administrative visits where the patient, for example, only comes for therapy.

"In Podgorica, we have already optimized the electronic record as far as the information system is concerned, the second step is the regulation of the regulations on the scope of services and we plan to do so in the next six months, the introduction of e-consultation, where we could perform those routine checks in the Clinical Center and other institutions, especially in the areas that are missing. We need a legal prerequisite for that... In cooperation with the new management of the Clinical Center, we are planning to introduce a project so that we can inform patients about the appointment so that they can cancel it..." explained Šimun. .

He said that, among other things, they are hiring another rheumatologist, in the new angio room in Berane, between five and ten interventions are performed a day, we are returning one gastroenterologist from the private sector to the state system, ophthalmologists in the health centers will perform checks on operated patients," said Šimun.

Speaking about the outflow of personnel from the public health system, the Minister of Health said that from 2014 to 2018, 101 doctors left the public health system in Montenegro.

"It was a very bad tendency, but it has been decreasing in recent years. The Europe Now program contributed to this, and salaries are regulated. In the last few years, we brought 25 doctors from Serbia, and currently 1.990 doctors work in the public health system," he said. is Simon.

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